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About the job Vice Principal (Education)



Position Title

Vice Principal


Start Date







Phnom Penh


Position Purpose

To work with the Managing Director and Principal as the instructional leader and administrator of the school.





Key Responsibilities

·         Overseeing the development and implementation of administrative procedures.

·         Overseeing the development of technology implementation (planning, procurement, and training.)

·         Establishing and adopting good practices, for effective running of administration and Information Technology processes.

·         Reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of the administrative and Information Technology processes regularly to achieve organisational excellence.

·         Preserving Information Technology assets by implementing disaster recovery and back-up procedures and information security and control structures.

·         Maintaining professional and technical knowledge by identifying opportunities for staff to attend relevant workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; participating in professional societies.

·         Overseeing the adherence to Examinations procedures.

·         Leading and communicating the vision and mission.

·         Developing and implementing school policies, regulations, and procedures to ensure all students are supervised in a safe learning environment.

·          Organising and supervising procedures for identifying and addressing overall student well-being, including health-related concerns, physical and emotional needs.

·          Establishing and promoting high standards and expectations for all students and staff for academic performance and responsibility for behaviour.

·         Serving as a role model for students and staff, demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning, accepting responsibility, and demonstrating pride in the education profession.

·         Inspiring all staff to display highest ethical and professional behaviour and standards when working with students, parents and all stakeholders.

·         Maintaining visibility with students, teachers, parents and the Board.

·         Teaching a maximum of 6 hours per week.

·         Handling complaints, settling disputes, and resolving grievances and conflicts, or otherwise negotiating with others.

·         Overseeing curriculum development, program evaluation, allocation of instructional materials and resources, ensuring that curriculum is current and addresses the Core Curriculum Content Standards.

·         Monitoring the academic results.

·         Analysing information and evaluating results to choose the best course(s) of action.

·         Establishing the annual master schedule for instructional and co- curricular programme, ensuring sequential learning experiences for students are consistent with  philosophy, mission and instructional goals.

·         Overseeing the recruitment and performance appraisal of staff.

·         Identifying opportunities for effective staff development that address the needs of the instructional program and needs of the staff, including workshops, conferences, visitations, and sessions in which the staff shares good practices and strategies.

·         Maintaining positive, cooperative and mutually supportive relationships with staff.

·         Overseeing the efficient and cost-effective use of resources.

·         Reviewing financial statements, termly reports, and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas for continuous improvement.

·         Protecting confidentiality of records and information gained as part of exercising professional duties and exercising discretion in sharing such information within legal confines.

·         Overseeing the development, execution and the integration of programmes for Student Development, with a focus on development of character, values, leadership, critical thinking and global perspectives.

·         Overseeing the development of discipline framework.

·         Overseeing the development and execution of Student enrichment programme to better support students’ learning.

·         Providing support for all operational and logistical projects for start-up campus operations.

·         Overseeing development, implementation, and enhancement of operational processes and procedures to provide more effective and efficient systems.

·         Managing the safety and emergency management procedures.


Experience / Knowledge Required

·         Degree in Education or a teaching subject from recognised universities

·         Strong managerial and administrative experience in educational institutions

·         Experience in a leadership position and working in an international school is an advantage

·         Strong competency in English Language, and knowledge of Mandarin is an advantage

·         Strong knowledge of Information & Communications Technology

·         Strong knowledge in curriculum, pedagogy, and assessments

·         Minimum 10 years of working experience in educational institutions, including at least 3-5 years in leadership roles.











Reports to

Principal and Managing Director


Working Hours

7:00am to 5:30pm

Monday to Friday


Interview Process

3 rounds


Recruiter Contact Details

Andrew STEVENS – Senior Recruitment Consultant

Cellcard +855 95 476 812

Smart +855 81 428 666

Whatsapp: +855 89 746 343