Job Openings Senior Sales Manager (International)

About the job Senior Sales Manager (International)


Job title

Senior Demand Generation Manager

Reporting to


Start date

As soon as possible

About the company


Work location

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Key responsibilities

  • Contribute to and help the company Leadership Team: 1) Discovering and sharing useful knowledge; 2) debating possible strategies and courses of action; 3) deciding key business issues; 4) delivering results.
  • Create a strong pro-consumer, pro-customer and pro-sales culture in the company.
  • Deploy company principles, objectives and strategies throughout Demand Generation Department.
  • Drive creation of company and brand Marketing and Sales Strategic and Tactical Plans at least annually (e.g. Product, Promotion, Price, Placement).
  • Integrate both Marketing and Sales efforts to deliver business objectives and results, ensuring seamless execution of the whole plan (e.g. right quality, on schedule and on budget).
  • Guide continuous improvement of consumer, shopper and retailer journeys to maximize company revenue and profits.
  • Ensure that Demand Generation activities are focused, on-strategy and performing via regular follow-up with others and going to the places where the actual work gets done.
  • Develop and optimize Marketing and Sales processes to increase efficiency, effectiveness and speed.
  • Coordinate with managers in all departments to obtain goods, services and information, being a strong and diplomatic internal customer with high standards.
  • Develop and maintain good professional relationships with main accounts and strategic partners in Asean + Countries
  • Monitor key metrics, review results with subordinates and coach problem solving to close gaps between target and actual performance.


  • Strategic and Long-Term Thinker: You seek to make a few big decisions instead of a hundred small decisions. You have a logical mind that seeks out fresh alternatives when confronted with obstacles. You are able to set big business goals 3+ years in the future and develop plans and ways to achieve those goals.
  • Self-driven: You seek big opportunities and big challenges. You are motivated to learn and achieve.
  • Ownership: You accept ultimate responsibility for everything that affects the scope of your work. There is no one else to blame.
  • Decisive: You regularly demonstrate the ability to make effective decisions and settle issues to enable progress.
  • Curious: You are open to new and different ideas and possibilities. You seek options: inquiring, studying, experimenting, and learning.
  • Cooperative: You work productively with others at all levels, inside and outside of the company. You help co-workers achieve better results. You help the team work together toward common goals.
  • Focusing: You concentrate attention, energies and efforts of yourself and others on the most important things.


  • Strong consumer and trade marketing plus sales experience in CPG and/or FMCG (e.g. Food & beverage)
  • Brand management experience
  • Demonstrable history of developing and leading high-performing teams
  • Demonstrable history of turning low performing employees into high performing employees
  • Experience managing a P&L
  • Extensive experience selling and marketing in urban and provincial settings
  • Extensive experience with both digital and traditional marketing methods
  • Strong analytical skills

Salary range

USD6000 - USD8000


Insurance, seniority, transportation, phone allowance

Working days

Mon - Sat

Working hours

8:00am - 5:00pm

Interview process

2 - 3times

Recruiter contact details

Channita CHEV - Recruitment Manager

Cellcard +855 11 55 66 95

Smart +855 81 98 67 67 (telegram/whatsapp)