Job Openings C&B Supervisor

About the job C&B Supervisor

To give the supervision to all activities of C&B team, which include:

1.       Employee data:

        Collect and maintain confidential employment related records, files, reports, … according to policy and legal requirements.

        Follow up probation evaluations, contract renewal evaluations and prepare labor contracts within the required time frame.

         Prepare documents in relation to employees (i.e. promotion, demotion, termination, certificates etc.) ensuring high standard quality and timeliness criteria are always met.

        Play the administration role to the HRIS system.

2.       Payroll & Tax:

        Ensure the calculation and whole process of monthly payroll are done properly.

        Ensure accurate monthly SHUI contribution and on-time payment as regulated by Law, manage employee’s claim and allowance payment from Government Social Insurance fund.

        Oversee the registration of individual tax code, employee's dependents information and the PIT finalization to government's tax department, also for the PIT payment.

3.       SHUI:

        Ensure all the submission related to SHUI are done properly.

        Give the solution to any issues happened and lead the team to take action.

4.       Others:

        Manage the people cost budget and internal payment issues

        Generate and submit periodic reports to the Labor office and other reports to site authorities.

        Keep up to date related regulations and spread out to the team

        Other tasks as assigned by C&B supervisor


        At least 05 years of professional experience in C&B, used to manage a team is preferred

        Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, …).

        Good understanding of local labor law and regulations.

        Good communication and problem-solving skills

        Be willing to work under high pressure and tight timetable