Job Openings C&B Specialist HCM

About the job C&B Specialist HCM

To give the supervision to all C&B activities of Teacher management (full-time / part-time / coordinator, which include:

1. Employee data:

● Collect and maintain confidential employment related records, files, reports, … according to

policy and legal requirements.

● Follow up probation evaluations, contract renewal evaluations and prepare labor contracts within

the required time frame.

● Prepare documents in relation to employees (i.e. promotion, demotion, termination, certificates

etc.) ensuring high standard quality and timeliness criteria are always met.

● Ensure the administrative activities on the HRIS system.

2. Payroll & Tax:

● Ensure the calculation and whole process of monthly payroll are done properly.

● Ensure accurate monthly SHUI contribution and on-time payment as regulated by Law, manage

employee’s claim and allowance payment from Government Social Insurance fund.

● Ensure the registration of individual tax code, employee's dependents information and the PIT

finalization to government's tax department, also for the PIT payment.

3. SHUI:

● Monitor the SHUI status and monthly reconcilation.

● Ensure all the submission related to SHUI are done properly.

● Handle all the cases related to SHUI with appropriate solution and support.

● Build and keep the relationship with the authorities.

4. Others:

● Generate and submit periodic reports to the Labor office and other reports to site authorities.

● Keep up to date related regulations and spread out to the team.

● Other tasks as assigned by Line Manager.


● At least 03 years of professional experience in C&B, with experience in an educational environment is


● C&B knowledge of expat management.

● Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, …)

● Good understanding of labor law and regulations.

● Good communication and problem-solving skills.

● Be willing to work under high pressure and tight timetable