● To develop and improve the courseware for EDUMALL courses and programs
● To ensure that the quality of the teaching content complies with EDUMALL standards for these

1. Curriculum design
o To assist the AM in identifying the structure for instructional design/ universal design best
suitable for the EDUMALL learning model.
o To monitor and enhance the design of the courses in the most effective way
2. Content development
o To collaborate with instructors to design and input content for lecturers to teach in classes
o To help compile resources and materials for learning modules following the curriculum design
o To supervise and monitor the content development work and make sure that such content
complies with the design guidelines of each curriculum
o To review and enhance the quality of the teaching content in the most effective way
3. Collaborating with related teams
o To work closely with the Content Production Team and ensure that the design of learning
activities and lessons serve the targeted pedagogical purposes
o To liaise with the Product/Tech Team and ensure that the deployment of teaching content is
smooth and seamless
o To work closely with Teacher Management Team and Customer Care Team to collect feedbacks
and resolve problems relating to course content from instructors and students
4. Additional tasks
o To support and cooperate with other Academic Teams as requested
o To support cross-departmental assignments as requested

● Bachelor’s Degree from renowned universities (Master’s Degree is preferable)
● Candidates with teaching experience in University/College/Institute are preferable
● IELTS 6.5+ with no band under 5.0 or equivalent (not required for candidates graduating from a
Bachelor/Master training program taught in English)
● Good knowledge of educational technology tools and online learning platforms
● Strong computer skills in Office tools, Google workspace tools, presentation, etc.
● A passion for high-quality teaching and learning
● A strong sense of leadership and responsibility