Job Openings Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

About the job Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Get to know the Company

Topica Edtech Group (Tổ hợp giáo dục Topica) is a multinational educational technology company. We provide online education including bachelor's degree programs (Topica Uni), English speech tutoring courses (Topica Native) and technology platform for massive online open courses in a variety of fields (Edumall).

Say Hi! to the Team

At the Business Strategy and Analytics team, we work closely with management, operational and execution teams to build on ground truths, and to create a path forward that is both data-driven and innovative, yet grounded in reality. 

About the Role and Responsibilities

As a Business Intelligence Analyst, you will be part of our Business Strategy and Analytics Team. You will:

  • Explore and extract insights from a massive dataset of behavioural, economic, and the interaction of millions of learners across the region

  • Build, validate, test, and deploy models or dashboards and analysis to predict and influence the behaviour of learners with the goal of optimising system efficiency of the platform.

  • Collaborate with product, engineers and partnerships to identify new opportunities to expand Topica’s universe of data by identifying and collecting adjacent data to enrich insights

  • Build strong relationships with management and operational executives; translate data to human speak in order to effectively conceptualize analysis and proposing solutions to business stakeholders with the purpose of enhancing operational performance

  • Manage end-to-end data projects; identify issues, gather information from various sources, analyze data, interpret patterns and trends with the purpose of generating insights about the market and end-users.

  • Design market intelligence metrics and performance measurement dashboards

  • Develop and monitor dashboards to reflect the performances of product features, campaign and commercial effectiveness

  • Conduct analysis on users behaviours across Topica platforms, from product features usage to content consumption.


  • A Bachelor's or Master degree in any field

  • Minimum 2-5 years work experience in an analytics or insights related role

  • General understanding of business data, data visualization and storytelling with data

  • Proficiency in SQL and noSQL (Google BigQuery, AWS, MongoDB) and experience with database management

  • Familiarity with any BI technology (e.g. Tableau, Data Studio and Power BI)

  • Self-motivated, independent learner, and willing to share knowledge with team members

  • Detail-oriented and efficient time manage in a dynamic working environment

  • Strong communication skills, verbally and written

  • Critical thinking, with analytical, troubleshooting, and problem-solving expertise