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About the job AI Engineer

Topica Edtech Group is a multinational educational technology company. It provides online education including bachelor's degree programs, English speech tutoring courses (Topica Native), technology platform for massive online open courses in a variety of fields (Edumall), online learning platform for kids (Stuydnow).

AI Engineer Job Description

Job brief

We are looking for AI engineers who can work with python to build AI services.

  • Engineer and Develop Machine Learning Models.
  • Develop Services for Data Processing, which supports Machine Learning Services.
  • Build Machine Learning Pipelines
  • Maintain and Optimize Machine Learning Services.


  • Develop Machine Learning services
  • Working with directors to assure the quality of ML services and pipelines
  • Working with the Test team and Devops to pass the internal process.
  • Maintain and Optimize Machine Learning Services.


  • Professional experience of minimum 1 year Python or Java,
  • Professional experience of minimum 1 year on Deep Learning
  • Professional experience of minimum 1 years on Machine Learning
  • Knowledge in TensorFlows/TensorFLows Servings or PyTorch/Keras frameworks
  • Knowledge in database programming or design skills, including relational database skills (SQL) having non-relational database skills (MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, etc.);
  • Knowledge in Graph Database is a plus
  • Knowledge in CI/CD (Jenkins, CircleCI) is a plus
  • Experience in working with team mates is a plus;
  • Experience working, designing microservice systems with high performance, scalability.