Job Openings Academic Manager Test Prep

About the job Academic Manager Test Prep

• To lead and oversee respective academic teams to successfully design Test Prep English learning curricula and deploy such curricula (inclusive of but
not limited to online courses/self-study sessions/resource banks/ test banks/ activity banks) on Topica’s platform;
• To ensure that the quality of the teaching content complies to the teaching and learning excellency standards set for these products

1. Curriculum development
- To be responsible for curriculum construction and development of English courses and programs at Topica
- To identify, access, and evaluate the multiple learning resources that meet the needs of the assigned learning curriculum
- To manage relevant curriculum resources and records and propose necessary amendments/ alterations/ upgrades in line with learner’s and teacher’s
demands efficiently and effectively
- To conduct necessary research in innovative teaching/ e-learning/ curriculum designing and propose new ideas for teaching models and curriculum
2. Teaching product deployment
- To liaise and co-work cross-departmentally for product deployment on the platform
- To synthesize and request specific requirements to accommodate for the academic needs and curriculum design to Product/Tech teams and monitor
the development process of such requirements
- To work closely with Product/Tech teams to make sure that all UX/UI requirements are met following the curriculum design guidelines for each product
- To monitor and supervise the deployment process and ensure that necessary amendments/ alterations/ upgrades should be made in time to minimize
potential problems that may negatively influence learner’s/ teacher’s experience
3. Data supervision
- To track and monitor data performance across Topica Native’s platforms and identify key indicators to monitor the quality of the teaching programs and
propose necessary initiatives for changes
- To work closely with Product/Tech teams and ensure that learner’s and teacher’s data is recorded appropriately and is easy to track systematically.
4. Product training
- To provide academic content training for intra-departmental and cross-departmental purposes to make sure that the curriculum design/ learning
content/ learning concepts/ learning procedures are clearly presented and rightly understood.
- To provide academic content training for teachers and guide teachers to use necessary tools/ platforms to design their teaching materials.
5. Quality supervision
- To continuously monitor, evaluate, and review assigned learning products and make necessary instant amendments
- To propose new curriculum plans if necessary to ensure that teaching/learning quality is guaranteed following Topica’s academic standards
6. Additional tasks
- To support and cooperate with other academic teams as requested
- To support cross-departmental assignments as requested

- Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in English Pedagogy/ English Linguistics/ Applied Linguistics/TESOL/TEFL from renowned universities
- At least 5 years of successful teaching experience in Test Preparation courses (TOEIC/IELTS/TOEFL/SAT/ACT/ Cambridge English Tests/etc.)
- At least 2 years in learning course design/ curriculum development in Test Prep English courses
- IELTS 8.0+ with no band under 7.0 or equivalent
- Experience in e-learning courses/ e-learning design is a plus
- Good project planning and project supervision skill
- Good knowledge in educational technology tools and teaching assistance technological tools
- Strong computer skills in Office tools, Gsuite tools, presentation & design platforms
- A passion for high quality teaching and learning
- A strong sense of leadership and responsibility