Job Openings Full Stack Software Developer

About the job Full Stack Software Developer

About Deloitte:

Our mission is to deliver meaningful work for priority clients and society. As part of the largest Risk Analytics practice in the UK, our practitioners understand exactly how data underpins a business and how improving the management, use and insight from this data improves performance and reduces risk. We combine people's skills and Deloitte tools across four main areas: Data & Software engineering, Information Management, Data Science, and AI & Automation.

Job Description:

This opportunity is tailored- made for a full stack developer with a specific interest and specialism in front-end development to join the Data & Software Engineering Team. You will be building cloud-based solutions with intuitive web-based user interfaces that utilise cutting edge data analysis and machine learning algorithms in order to provide our clients with insight and to improve the efficiency and efficacy of their business.

What you will be working on:

  • At Deloitte, this is a rare opportunity to work on an exciting project to build and roll out technical services for a FAANG company;
  • You will join a development team that will be building cloud-based solutions 
  • Take care of the design and implementation of front-end applications by using JavaScript frameworks such as Angular/React
  • Depending on your skillset and interest, you will also have the opportunity to work on Data Science and Machine Learning projects 
  • Receive support from seniors in developing projects and improving your technical skills
  • Work effectively in diverse teams within an inclusive team culture where people are recognised for their contribution

Skills we look for:

  • Experience in one of the programming languages: Python, Javascript, Java or C++. Experience can include personal or university projects, internships or any other experience
  • Experience building UIs in Angular or React is a bonus point, not a must-have

Other qualities we look for:

  • An adaptable communicator who can work collaboratively
  • Passion to work in technology consulting
  • Hungry to learn and develop not only technical skills but also soft skills 
  • A self-starter with strong accountability