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Data Scientist at SeedLegals

About SeedLegals

Headquartered in London, SeedLegals is a one-stop platform for all the legals you need to start, raise and grow your company. Trusted by 20000+ UK startups and investors.

You will be working as a Data Scientist shaping the future of data and reporting directly to CTO.

SeedLegal’s services and insights are in high demand, and we have a lot of freedom in how we tackle our challenges. We get to work with a wide range of data on start-ups, their funding, legals, and how they interact with our platform. We’re looking for a creative problem solver to help kick off the data science side of our team.

What you will be working on:

  • Collaborate with teams company-wide to identify opportunities where your insights, models, and research can make the most difference.
  • Seek out promising data sources, and enrich existing ones, to enable new areas of analysis.
  • Perform and assist in A/B test design, implementation, and monitoring.
  • Build tools and tests to improve data quality and reliability.
  • Model future outcomes, present scenarios and advise on decisions.
  • Act as an effort multiplier through automation, optimization, and education.

      Our ideal candidate:

      • Good to have experience of Python and SQL (PostgreSQL is what we use at SeedLegals). Experience can include personal or university projects, internships or work experience
        • Good to have experience with AWS cloud environments and infrastructure

        Bonus skills:

        • Having worked with data from Google Analytics or Hubspot is helpful, as these are key data sources for us
        • Prior experience building, deploying, and maintaining models in a production environment/company setting is a plus
        • We value hands-on experiences. So if you have prior contributions on Github, Kaggle, StackExchange, or similar sites, please include in your resume.

        Why apply?

        • Apply your skills to drive real business outcomes. Your work makes a difference
        • A leader and a team culture that fosters diversity
        • Be part of Turing Talent programme and receive benefits including leadership training, mentorship and industry networking 
        • A rewarding career journey with a competitive salary
        • No matter your ethnicity, background, we’d love to hear from you.

        Start Date: ASAP

        Work location: UK

        Salary: £40-42K p.a.

        About Turing Talent Programme

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