Job Openings Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Engineer

About the job Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Engineer

One for all those working in the MLOps space: MLOpsEngineers, Senior MLOps Engineers, ML Platform Engineers

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About Turing Talent

The Turing Talent Program is the first of its kind - its a job and a leadership program rolled into one. We handpick people with high leadership potential for strategic positions that our client companies (from UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, etc) are headhunting for and combine the job with leadership coaching for you as well as a high-caliber industry network. This way, you get on a fast-track career. Its a unique leadership program for technical professionals, alongside an exciting new job.

Must-have skills

  •  Experience in building training and managing distributed compute 

    infrastructure for AI/ML training at scale and developing ML pipelines with validation
  • Python, Java, and R.
  • Experience in ML frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch

  • Has experience using Docker and container orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes

  • Experience in developing and maintaining CI/CD processes for enterprise SaaS and on-prem applications using tools like GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, GitLabs, etc.

  • Experience in leveraging SQL, MapReduce/Hive/Spark, and/or modern data processing frameworks in a production setting

  • Experience in deployment and management of cloud-native infrastructure and services with an emphasis on performance and cost optimization.

  • Experience with using IaC tools such as Terraform and configuration automation tools such as Ansible

  • Experience supporting machine learning and AI teams

Nice-to-have skills

  • Experience with data warehousing tools/environments such as Snowflake, Teradata, SQL Server, and/or Google Big Query
  • Software engineering background

About Turing Talent Leadership Program

Founded by people from Google, Meta, Microsoft, and McKinsey, Turing Talent is revolutionizing what a tech career looks like. Dont settle just for any job! Find a platform to GROW! We pair jobs with a holistic leadership program specifically for tech professionals to accelerate your career and personal development.