Job Openings MLOps/Senior DevOps Engineer at Independence Blue Cross (IBX)

About the job MLOps/Senior DevOps Engineer at Independence Blue Cross (IBX)

About Independence Blue Cross (IBX)

Independence Blue Cross (IBX) is the leading health insurance organization serving more than 8.5 million people in 25 states and Washington, D.C., including more than 2.5 million in Philadelphia, PA. They enhance the health and well-being of the people and communities they serve for more than 80 years.

They deliver innovative and competitively priced healthcare products and services; pioneer new ways to reward doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals for coordinated, quality care; and support programs and events that promote wellness.

What you will be working on

You will join the Advanced Analytics team and collaborate with Data Scientists to refine and optimize the ML production pipelines to deliver high-quality analytics solutions to business stakeholders.

  • Evaluate and enhance the existing development and deployment processes with near real-time data and automate model performance tracking.

  • Work with Data Scientists to seamlessly connect the gap from development to production for the ML and natural language processing (NLP) models under the constraints of scalability, correctness, maintainability, and efficiency

  • Develop scripts and processes to optimize and automate ML and NLP models in production within Google Cloud and bring subject matter expertise about data storage and object-oriented programing

  • Ensure appropriate hardware resources are selected to run models with the required latencies relative to computational cost constraints

  • Develop strategies to track model performance and drift, identifying models that need to be retrained

  • Document and work to create standardized repeatable machine learning processes for operationalizing and automating models quickly, reliably, and reproducibly

  • Contribute to the overall development of data and CI/CD pipelines in collaboration with Data Science, Data Engineering, and DevOps teams

  • Write unit tests and maintain high code quality, per both static code analysis & team standards

Skills we look for or we help you develop on the job:

  • Building ML pipelines in a cloud framework (preferably GCP)

  • Python, Java, and R.

  • Experience in ML frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch

  • Experience in Docker/Containerized workflows for model management

  • Experience in developing and maintaining CI/CD processes for enterprise SaaS and on-prem applications using tools like GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, GitLabs etc.

  • Experience in leveraging SQL, MapReduce/Hive/Spark, and/or modern data processing frameworks in a production setting

  • Experience in DevOps using test automation and CI/CD tools, cloud infrastructure, and other modern technologies

  • Experience with IaaS (Terraform) implementing scalable cloud / On-prem based environments and systems; service-oriented architectures and microservices; deploying resilient, scalable, high-throughput systems

  • Experience with data warehousing tools/environments such as Snowflake, Teradata, SQL Server, and/or Google Big Query

Why Apply

  • Strong purpose: Bring your drive for excellence, team orientation, and customer commitment to renew and reimagine the business and shape the future of health care

  • A diverse and an intellectually stimulating work environment

  • You will automatically enroll in the Turing Talent Leadership Programme, designed for technical individuals to accelerate your career and personal development.

Contract type: permanent employment

Start Date: ASAP

Work location: Partially remote with some travel to the HQ in Philadelphia, USA involved.

Number of positions available: 1

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