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About the job Machine Learning Engineer

About Agilis

Agilis is a Commerce Platform for the Chemical Industry. We offer a cloud-based software solution that allows chemical producers and distributors to build their own branded secure portals. We provide marketing, leads, workflows, and integrations with other enterprise systems. Our members enjoy streamlined operations and access to new customers.

Job Description

We have a couple of internal R&D projects that have an impact on our business processes. We would like someone who has a strong academic background and is interested in taking the project further and further develop the proof of concept (PoC) prototype into the next level and potentially other PoC projects. ML algorithm to analyze on chemicals, tagging, analyzing, where it's used, find more applications, ppl that are working on the chemicals on. We would like someone who can bring innovation within the company and work on long-term projects by managing data scraping and optimizing the matching of relevant information.

Must-have requirements

    • Experience in Natual Language Processing or Semantic Search. Experience can include personal projects, university projects or previous work experience
    • Hands on skills for independent research on the related projects in either academia or commercial environments
Great communication skills in addition to writing papers
  • STEM background in education

Nice-to-Have Requirements

  • Being able to translate and explain complex theories and code to non-tech audiences
  • Prior experiences in productizing & commercialize Machine Learning research projects with real data set and real deadlines.

General info:

Internship Duration: 3-6 Months

Preferred Start dates: Evergreen - positions open all year round

No. of hours per week: 15 hours minimum, full time is welcome

Are you looking to hire the intern full-time, assuming he/she does a good job? Yes

What valuable experience can you offer to interns that join you? Real-world usage of ML in a commercial setting. Potentially great impact to the business processes and solving real-world problems and pain points in the chemical industry.

Compensation: $1200-2000 per month

Location: Remote