Job Openings Primary Process Engineer

About the job Primary Process Engineer

Job Summary:

Elevate your engineering career to new heights as you take the lead in pioneering process development, streamlining manufacturing procedures, and serving as the go-to technical expert for our dynamic production team. Join our ranks and be the driving force behind innovation and optimization.

Key Responsibilities:

Engineering Excellence: Be the problem-solver our production team turns to. Provide ingenious solutions to process, safety, and equipment challenges, ensuring that our operations run like a well-oiled machine.

Champion of Efficiency: Watch your ideas come to life as you spearhead continuous improvement initiatives, reducing labor demands and boosting equipment throughput, all while keeping a keen eye on productivity.

Waste Warrior: Lead the charge in our fight against waste and inefficiency. Collaborate across departments to minimize scrap and keep our processes lean and efficient.

Product Pioneer: Work hand-in-hand with product and tool engineering teams to transition cutting-edge innovations into full-scale production, witnessing the birth of new products and technologies.

Equipment Evolution: Play a pivotal role in the selection, purchase, installation, and successful launch of new equipment, driving us forward with the latest and greatest technology.

Procedural Perfection: Create and maintain meticulous records of processes, equipment, and safety protocols, ensuring we're always in compliance.

New Product Nexus: Support our growth by assisting with new product quotes and development activities. Define processes, estimate part costs, design packaging, conduct process FMEA, and craft control plans that shape the future.

Training Trailblazer: Be a mentor to our production team, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to excel in current, new, and enhanced processes.

Technological Tutor: Train maintenance and tooling technicians as they adapt to the latest technologies integrated into our production line.

Maintenance Pro: Follow established maintenance guidelines, establish preventative maintenance schedules, and fine-tune procedures for our equipment, ensuring it operates at its peak.

Communication Conductor: Keep our production planner informed of scheduled maintenance activities, allowing for smooth planning and execution.

Proactive Problem Solver: Employ predictive maintenance methods and your troubleshooting prowess to identify and resolve potential issues before they disrupt our operations.

Project Maestro: Document and oversee the progress of all ongoing projects, ensuring that they stay on course and within budget.

Management Master: Regularly update our leadership team on project status, detailing all costs involved in the journey towards success.

Versatile Contributor: Be ready for anything, and tackle additional assignments as they arise.

This is your opportunity to thrive in a production environment that's always on the cutting edge. Are you ready to make your mark as a Process Engineer with us?


A Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or a closely related technical field.

3-5 years of hands-on manufacturing experience.

If you bring polyurethane processing experience to the table, it's a huge plus.

Your mastery of various manufacturing disciplines sets you apart.

Computer literacy, including proficiency with word processing and spreadsheet applications, is expected, and experience with SolidWorks is the icing on the cake.

We offer a complete benefits package including
health/prescription/dental/vision options, short term disability, long term disability,
basic life insurance, additional optional life insurance amounts available including
spouse and dependent child coverage, flexible spending accounts and 401(k) with a
company match.