Job Openings Business Analyst

About the job Business Analyst


  • Graduate of BS/BA in Marketing and Business Administration, or any related course.
  • At least 3 to 5 years experience with the position/function Work Experience
  • With at least 3 to 5- years Sales/ Marketing experience, preferably in a lubricant, FMCG or any related manufacturing company. 4. Preferably with some level of customer service or inside sales experience
  • With wide experience managing a complex enterprise's human resources, finances, operations, and strategies;
  • With proven track record of outstanding performance in a previous complex enterprise; and managing complex budgets successfully;
  • With demonstrated experience in ethical leadership;
  • With outstanding verbal and written skills, and experience working with staff on all levels;
  • With ability to make business projections three years into the future;


  • Design and implement business operations.
  • Responsible for planning, developing, establishing, executing, and maintaining policies, procedures, and guidelines to meet business objectives and promote company culture and vision
  • Drive performance measures for the operation (including a consideration of efficiency versus effectiveness), often in the form of dashboards convenient for review of high-level key indicators


  • Gather and analyze data for potential business expansion and identify specific business opportunities
  • Conduct Market research to support the Supply & Demand analysis.
  • Gather, review and analyze business data, including KPIs, financial reports, and other key metrics using data analytics tools.
  • Coordinate with different departmental teams to produce better business outcomes
  • Convert roadmap features into smaller user stories 6. Write clear and well-structured business requirements/documents
  • Create reports, dashboards, and visualizations to understand business performance
  • Communicate and validate requirements with relevant stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain reporting tools and Perform data discovery, analysis, and modeling
  • Stay up to date on the latest process and IT advancements to automate and modernize systems.
  • Conduct meetings and presentations to share ideas and findings.
  • Document and communicate the results of Commercial and Operational efforts.
  • Effectively communicating insights and plans to cross-functional team members and management.
  • Gather critical information from meetings with various stakeholders and producing useful reports.
  • Ensure solutions meet business needs and requirements.
  • Prioritize initiatives based on business needs and requirements.
  • Performs other functions that maybe assigned by the Immediate Superior from time to time.