Job Openings Business Auditor

About the job Business Auditor


  • Graduate of BS/BA in Marketing and Business Administration, or any related course.
  • At least 3 to 5 years experience with the position/function Work Experience
  • With at least 3 to 5- years Sales/ Marketing experience, preferably in a lubricant, FMCG or any related manufacturing company. 4. Preferably with some level of customer service or inside sales experience
  • With wide experience managing a complex enterprise's human resources, finances, operations, and strategies;
  • With proven track record of outstanding performance in a previous complex enterprise; and managing complex budgets successfully;
  • With demonstrated experience in ethical leadership;
  • With outstanding verbal and written skills, and experience working with staff on all levels;
  • With ability to make business projections three years into the future;


  • Assist executive team members in creating, growing and building a world class, industry leading organization.
  • Drive company results from both an operational and financial perspective working closely with the CFO, CEO and other key executive team members.
  • Partner with the CFO to achieve favorable financial results with respect to sales, profitability, cash flow, mergers and acquisitions, systems, reporting and controls.
  • Set challenging and realistic goals for growth, performance and profitability.
  • Create effective measurement tools to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of internal and external processes.
  • Provide accurate and timely reports outlining the operational condition of the company.
  • Spearhead the development, communication and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes.
  • Works with other c-level executives on budgeting, forecasting and resource allocation programs.
  • Work closely with senior management team to create, implement and roll out plans for operational processes, internal infrastructures, reporting systems and company policies all designed to foster growth, profitably and efficiencies within the company.
  • Motivate and encourage employees at all levels as one of the key leaders in the company including but not limited to professional staff, management level employees and executive leadership team members.
  • Forge strategic partnerships and relationships with clients, vendors, banks, investors and all other professional business relationships.
  • Work with the CEO and CFO in the capital raise process, participate in the company's road shows. Meet, interact and present information effectively to potential investors and private equity firms.
  • Foster a growth oriented, positive and encouraging environment while keeping employees and management accountable to company policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Spearhead strategies to steer the company's future in a positive direction.
  • Drive the company's operating capabilities to surpass customer satisfaction and retention, and company goals.
  • Control company costs and introducing tactical initiatives to address theft and other losses. 49. Monitor invoices, money handling procedures, accounting, and bank processes.
  • Prepare timely and accurate financial performance reports.
  • Oversee marketing initiatives and implementing better business practices.
  • Assess and implement improved processes and new technologies, and collaborating with management regarding the implementation of these improvements.
  • Increase the sales of a company and support his/her CEO in negotiations or customer relationship management.
  • To effectively manage costs to support his/her CEO in making decisions about the company's finances and investments and increase productivity at all levels to effectively achieve company goals.
  • Develop business plans for capital expenditures is an important aspect of this role.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the company or business unit or need to advise the CEO or owner on those operations.
  • Monitor current projects includes reporting status, progress updates, and identifying areas that require corrective actions.
  • Responsible for managing the people side of an organization, which includes responsibilities such as interviewing new employees, developing strategies for developing talent at all levels, and coaching organizational leaders.
  • Provide management to staff and leadership to the organization that aligns with the company's business plan and overall strategic vision.
  • Performs other functions that maybe assigned by the Immediate Superior from time to time