Job Openings Digital Content Specialist

About the job Digital Content Specialist

The position is assigned to research, create content to tell the brand story in a compelling way that offers value to your potential clients, builds their trust in the brand, and moves them into action to interact with the brand. The position focuses on content planning, development, design, production, analysis, management, and measurement. He/She is responsible for establishing an organizations editorial voice and determining content needs, channel selection and distribution.

He/She role should understand the full marketing mix with a solid foundation on creativity/ timelines and ROI. She/he should be familiar with ways to analyze market data, research, and customers behavior. He/ She should also be able to create spreadsheets and analyze quantitative data on customer behavior and performance metrics thru quarterly customer satisfaction surveys and /or other platforms available.

He/She must know how to creatively handle various traditional tools, from brochures, leaflets, and banners. He/She must also be in-depth with Digital Marketing Tools that can help in implementing campaigns and projects to support both corporate and product levels. She/ he will work with different teams to coordinate our marketing, advertising, and promotional activities.

List of Responsibilities:

Content Marketing

  • Develops content strategies for multiple channels and platforms (both online and offline)
  • Ensure all promotional materials are launched, sent out at the agreed timeline
  • Proofread and Copywrite content from different sources to ensure alignment to the brand voice
  • Creating, adjusting, and managing the editorial calendar of the company
  • Create and edit content across all assets on captions, announcements, advertisements, event invites, etc.
  • Plays the role of editor as the team drafts, conceptualizes, and produces content assets that resonate with viewers across owned and paid platforms, with the aim of driving business goals.
  • Assist with integrating content strategy and time-specific brand campaigns to drive campaign goals. .

Corporate Brand Development

  • Defines key brand messages and insights
  • Developing clear and engaging content that is consistent with the company's brand image and addresses both business goals and consumer needs
  • Establishes and articulates the organizations internal and external key messages, and ensures that content is aligned.
  • Establishing style guides that specify the writing style and tone needed to create engaging content.

Social Media Content Management

  • Create and edit content, mobilizing storytelling opportunities on all channels owned, earned, and paid platforms. Apply SEO, content development, distribution, and measurement to effectively tailor content to reach audience personas.
  • Manage digital and social content channels including email, linkedin inmails, or newsletter distribution, with the understanding of the best content practices on each channel.
  • The role is also responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring the company's Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts.
  • Manage Publer and sync calendar schedule for post uploading
  • Assists Digital Team Lead in Reporting of Social Media Movements

Digital Team Operations

  • Assists in internal team operations such as events assistance, digital tools handling, inventory monitoring, giveaway preparations and handoff, etc.
  • Adheres to the timely filing and completion of necessary documents as needed by the team lead or head of marketing.

Support on POC & PFM Regional Activities/Campaign

  • Ensure full support on campaigns led by the Product Focused Marketing in the content needed for any demand generation and lead generation campaigns.
  • Support in creating marketing strategy, including message development, marketing materials, and brand awareness for their efforts in establishing the credibility of the company and solution being offered
  • Support regional operations in terms of key or essential marketing campaigns and activities
  • Events / Promotional Materials
  • Preparation for development of support materials.

ISO & Admin Functions

  • Support Customer Satisfaction Survey Activity aligned with ISO Standards and targets
  • Acts as the Records-In-Charge responsible for keeping, editing, maintaining ISO related documents. RIC acts as support and guide to the Process Owner to ensure the attainment of a quality management system
  • Coordination with key support groups internal to ITG

ISO & Admin Functions

  • Assist in financial and ISO related requirements under his/her coverage to meet with all audit / financial prerequisites / reports for each input
  • Support the implementation of Customer Satisfaction Survey aligned with ISO standards and targets
  • Support Records-In-Charge in maintaining, keeping and editing ISO related documents
  • Ensure operational activities under the specific job title is in line with the ISO process, targets and standards


  • Graduate of Marketing, Communication Arts, Journalism
  • Minimum of 1 year experience in creating content and copywriting across different media platforms- offline, digital & social media (minimum 2 years experience workforce)
  • Extensive Business and Creative Writing Experience (B2B), Technical Content is a plus, Content Conceptualization and Strategy, Brand Development through Market Relevance, SEO & Meta Writing Background