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About the job Finnish Marketer

UpSteam is a platform connecting busy car owners with mobile car washers to make car ownership frictionless. We are a fast-growing startup with over 15k washes done and a 14 million valuation located in Tallinn, Helsinki, and Warsaw. UpSteam is building the future of car-care with innovative car wash solution while being better for the planet.   

We are looking for a Marketer to lead our Finnish Marketing operations from Tallinn HQ. You will be taking over a set of marketing activities - from writing soulful copies, executing sales supportive campaigns and positioning our brand in Nordic markets. Our new Marketing Manager speaks Finnish and English (Estonian is not a necessity).

What you’ll be doing:

  • Brand positioning and Communications - you will be making UpSteam a local brand to remember.

  • Content Creation and Design - Changing customer’s behavior toward a frictionless car-ownership with a local touch.

  • Analysis - to understand what makes customers buy, cheer for us and creating a marketing playbook for Nordics based on tests & data.

  • Marketing Campaigns and Collaborations - making UpSteam a truly connected startup in Finland and supporting our sales team with leads.

We are looking for a Startup Marketer who is:

  • passionate about the startup world and has the creativity for exciting localized marketing.

  • An insightful and Tech-savvy player who understands data and is capable of delivering results even on a budget.

  • aware of how to market to B2B and B2C in Finland

    and generate traction that converts. 
  • A personal growth enthusiast that is open to learn and grow fast along with the company.

  • An expressive copywriter and could have made a better job ad than we did.


  • Opportunity to earn a full-time position.
  • Ability to directly influence the company's results, direction, and marketing team growth.
  • Freedom to decide when and where you work after the onboarding process.

  • Valuable experience from country-wide and cross-country expansion.

  • Amazing personal growth from riding and taming a Unicorn in the making.

  • No corporate bullshit or bureaucracy.

  • Working with a highly focused and talented team while enjoying the Startup Community

  • Seriously impactful work from changing customer behavior and integrating a better standard to the car wash market.

Our team is packed with smart people who like working together as much as to consider UpSteam its second family. Our people are foremost, learners and go-getters, that never get discouraged by obstacles and have a problem-solving attitude in life. We value independence and accountability while hiring people we want to work with. Our team is well-connected and we organize monthly cross-team cultural events like “UpSteam Family Nights”. We are small enough to care for each other and our customers while being big enough to make a dent in the world.

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