Job Openings Marketing Executive

About the job Marketing Executive

The Marketing Executive at Venturenox is responsible for setting up, implementing and managing the overall company's marketing strategy. They will be responsible for presenting the company in a positive light in front of potential customers and employees, and establish the company as a leader in product development for startups.

The Marketing Executive works with the company leadership as engineering, product and design teams to coordinate content creation efforts; and helps the sales teams in generating more leads. We require our team members to be passionate about their work, have a collaborative approach, and bring positive energy to the workplace.


  • Deeply understand the target market (early stage startups), their challenges and their expectations from product development partners.

  • Deeply understand services offered by our company along with our specific process and framework that we utilise to build products.

  • Help build the company’s brand and narrative, along with appropriate hooks to attract potential clients. Ensure brand integrity across all communications.

  • Manage the process of creating content for the company website/blog and social media channels; highlighting company processes, frameworks, and case studies.

  • Post content on startup communities, online forums, guest blogs and participate/organise podcasts to promote the company.

  • Find new ways to reach out to the target market, and automate the process of lead generation as much as possible.

  • Monitor analytics for traffic and engagement across social media, blog and company website to measure performance.

  • Design email marketing campaigns, lead magnets and devise new strategies and keyword research to find new organic opportunities.

  • Responsible for top of the funnel lead generation, so that the sales team have enough potential customers to work with.

  • Coordinate with the sales team to build sales collateral, and synchronize marketing and sales efforts for maximum business.

Desired Skills:

  • Comfortable working in a highly visible role, being the face of the company and ability to set the tone in customer interaction.

  • Excellent communication and writing skills with the ability to lead thinking, explain reasoning, and present findings and recommendations in a clear and articulate manner— in writing and in person

  • Have a good understanding of marketing, sales and account management practices in the technology services industry.

  • Have a great sense of responsibility and understanding of how the marketing role is critical for the success of the company.

  • Ability to present the company in a favorable light and highlight its image as a progressive and unique company.

  • Ability to quickly understand high level technology and product landscape in the startup world which affects our customers and our business.

  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. Ability to research customers and their industries to understand their needs.

Working at Venturenox:

Venturenox builds beautiful and scalable software products for startups. We take founders from idea to launch, and deliver a state of the art product. We specialise in all skills necessary to build modern software.

At Venturenox, we believe that people perform best when they are set free. Following this philosophy, we allow flexibility and time and location; be inclusive in our processes, and don’t try to police or monitor our people.

While working at Venturenox, you will get

  • Above market salary package

  • Flexibility in time and location of work

  • Relaxed and pressure-free environment

  • Experience with cutting edge technology stack

  • Chance to work on highly impactful products