Job Openings Product Manager

About the job Product Manager

The Product Manager at Venturenox is responsible for managing the development and release process for software products. This is a multi-dimensional role which is critical to the success of the product.

The Product Managers work within a product team and work closely with UX Designers, Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers and Cloud Engineers to bring new products and features to life. We require our team members to be passionate about their work, have a collaborative approach, and bring positive energy to the workplace.


  • Help clients with prioritisation of product features and building/maintaining the product roadmap.

  • Identifying user stories, and managing their entire lifecycle from conceptualisation, design to implementation and release.

  • Maintaining the product tasks in the project management tool, and aligning the team around the delivery process

  • Keeping the product team focused on deliverables, and helping them with any questions they may have around the product

  • Constantly stay in communication with the client and present product demos and progress made from time to time

  • Be part of the feature release process, ensure that definition of done has been met, and manually test the new release for any bugs/inconsistencies

  • Coordinate with technical leads for any new challenges which require technology solutions not considered before

  • Look at product analytics gathered at several layers to identify any problems and possibilities of improvement.

Desired Skills:

  • Solid concepts of agile development and user centric design and delivery of software features

  • Ability to bridge technology possibilities and limitations with the user needs to come up with superior user experience and unlock product value

  • Analytical and creative mindset with strong design thinking abilities

  • Excellent communication skills, with ability to be empathetic to the clients and understand their needs

  • Ability to communicate effectively with the design and engineering teams to communicate client needs and keep them aligned towards the goals

  • Familiarity with project management, design and release tools typically used in the software industry

  • Understanding of technology architecture is desired but not required. It is expected that the candidate will familiarise themselves with enough concepts to be able to understand any technical challenges

Working at Venturenox:
Venturenox builds beautiful and scalable software products for startups. We take founders from idea to launch, and deliver a state of the art product. We specialise in all skills necessary to build modern software.

At Venturenox, we believe that people perform best when they are set free. Following this philosophy, we allow flexibility and time and location; be inclusive in our processes, and don’t try to police or monitor our people.

While working at Venturenox, you will get

  • Above market salary package

  • Flexibility in time and location of work

  • Relaxed and pressure-free environment

  • Experience with cutting edge technology stack

  • Chance to work on highly impactful products