Safety Officer (Offshore)

 Job Description:

Our client is the leading of drilling services in SEA, they have a lot of project in Thailand. They are looking for Safety Office - offshore.

Location of work: Offshore (Rotation 28/28)
Job Descriptions:

  • To give the OIM reliable information about safety initiatives' status and priority areas.
  • Verify that all Permits to Work are accurately filled out, and when necessary, take on the role of the OIM delegate for site inspection and safety compliance duties.
  • Participate in pre-tour meetings with all Departments and support managers by offering information and suggestions.
  • Monitor pre-job safety meetings to make sure they adhere to the organization's standards through daily random audits.
  • Delivery of education and training in the six SKD Red Directives and Processes
  • Arrange emergency drills, attend weekly general safety meetings, catering HSE meetings, and safety committee meetings, and report on all of them.
  • As needed, via the OIM, advise the Operator offshore representative on investigations, safety-related issues, and other safety-related topics.
  • Conduct routine spot checks and take part in the weekly condition and safety inspections for the rig area. Coach employees and assist with the delivery of position-specific skills, on-the-job training, and related competency assessments in collaboration with department supervisors.
  • Work with the barge engineer to regularly conduct theoretical and practical refresher training on firefighting and lifesaving tools and methods (building incremental growth and maintaining knowledge & abilities beyond onshore formal course level).
  • Assist the barge engineer as needed with quality control, ensuring proper emergency response equipment inspection, maintenance, and operability.
  • Assist all supervisors in developing rig-specific procedures and detailed instructions within the framework of the company's total management system (TMS).
  • Assist Department Supervisors in keeping track of all TBRA and Detailed Instruction records and in documenting them.
  • Manage Synergi database entries in conjunction with the OIM to adhere to reporting due dates, corrective action close-out obligations, and entry quality checks.
  • Offer all onboard relevant employees training in pertinent HSE-related applications.
  • Continue to supervise the hiring, training, and management of SSEs (Short Service Employees) in accordance with the requirements.
  • Using coaching and constructive developmental techniques, observe and monitor adherence to all safety regulations.
  • Coordinate with the Materials Administrator his adherence to the HAZCOM procedure and the accuracy of the SDS records.
  • Take part in internal audits as needed and help with external audit operations.
  • Review and analyze Hazard Observations to ensure trends are identified and corrective actions are taken.
  • Serve as an advisor to Operations for risk assessment of new tools or procedures being used on the job site.
  • Supervise all Helideck operational needs, performing HLO duties as needed, or helping/relieving the designated HLO
  • Conduct training sessions with the appropriate crew on safe work techniques and skills.
  • Create an accessible environment by developing and promoting positive workplace liaisons that allow for the provision of assistance and training to every crew member.


  • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Health and Safety or have a safety certification Professional Level as per Thai labor law.
  • A full-time safety professional with a minimum of 5 years' experience (allied industries)
  • Or 3 years of full-time experience in HSE operations for onshore- or offshore-drilling or associated Oil & Gas industries
  • Holding international safety certificate: NEBOSH or equivalent.
  • Experienced in Incident Investigator Team Member is plus.
  • Good command of English.
  Required Skills:

Offshore Training