Laem Chabang, จ.ชลบุรี, Thailand

Supply Chain Manager

 Job Description:

We are searching for a candidate to join our client's capable team. Our client is a large and well-established shipping and logistics company in Thailand, offers marine and offshore services, ship repair and shipbuilding, oil, and gas offshore/onshore fabrication, pressure vessel and tank manufacturing and marine offshore logistics.

Location: Chonburi 

Job Responsibilities:

Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management

  • Establish the framework, process, plan, and objective/initiative for supply chain management.
  • Lead inventory optimization projects by collaborating closely with vendors, the companys supply chain team, and mill staff to identify for continual improvement.
  • Simplify inventory processes and systems to increase productivity/efficiency and reduce non-value-added tasks.
  • Find the ways to reduce working capital from obsolete inventory.
  • Implement and maintain best practices in inventory management to ensure that the right products are purchased at the right time, in the right amounts/quantities, and at the right price/value.

MRO Sourcing Strategies

  • Developed and implemented sourcing strategies for various MRO and production material expenditure categories that evolved based on business requirement.
  • Negotiate prices and programs to ensure that company gets the best price and quality for parts, services, and equipment.
  • Coach and mentor employees on best practices and compliance
  • Manage pricing and supplier scorecards to track and report on cost savings.

Supplier/Vendors Management

  • Perform inventory and supplier expenditure analyses to identify and take advantage of economies of scale through consolidation of MRO, Production, and Material Suppliers and the creation of a preferred MRO supplier base.
  • Develop project plans, cost models, and other documents to support the decision to select a supplier and lead contract negotiations.
  • Lead and Support Supplier/Vendors Management
  • Establish and maintain new and existing strategic partnership with key suppliers.
  • Create and maintain a regular of communication and meetings with key suppliers.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

  • Monitor supplier performance and compliance with contractual obligations through regular review of service levels (on-time and complete delivery) and supplier responsiveness.
  • Review and resolve contract issues, manage product quality issues and late payments.
  • Respond quickly and diligently when supplier performance is insufficient to support the operations and find/implement alternative solutions.
  • Increase the capacity and capabilities of the company MRO and production material by defining, training, implementing.
  • Encourage policy and control compliance inside the organization by providing appropriate end-user training.


  • Bachelors degree in Business or Engineering, with min 5 years experience in supply chain management and MRO management
  • Have experience in strategies planning, contract management, supplier/subcontractor management and strong negotiation skills.
  • Have knowledge in Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management, MRO Sourcing Strategies, Vendors Management, Monitoring and Continuous Improvement
  • Have experience in implementation in cost saving initiative.
  • Have experience in refinery or construction business for subcontracting part is preferable.
  • Good team player and strong drive for performance and results, strong analytical and management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills in English.
  Required Skills:

Offshore Product Quality Capital Contract Management Waste Presentation Skills Savings Consolidation Vendor Management Sourcing Supply Chain Management Inventory Management Shipping Continuous Improvement Gas Optimization Supply Manufacturing Negotiation Construction Payments Vendors Materials Education Suppliers Pressure Planning Engineering Communication Business English Training Management