Job Openings Product Innovation Specialist

About the job Product Innovation Specialist

As a Product Innovation Specialist at White Shark Media®, your role is to support the continuous improvement of efficiency across departments by executing process-oriented and administrative tasks as well as preparing department-wide reports. In addition, you will be responsible for the reporting, measurement and execution of our customer satisfaction surveys.

As a Product Innovation Specialist, you will be working directly and report to the Product Innovation Coordinator.

Responsibilities: #1 Process Support & Compliance

  • Execute calls and assign categories for Client Satisfaction surveys
  • Onboarding QA (Checklist Management)
  • Quality Assurance of Sales Pipeline:

    • Industry Expectations 
    • Website quality
    • Budget Recommendations 
  • Quality Assurance of SLAs completion and red flag reporting

    • Salesforce Documentation vs PPC Platform Changes
    • Criteria for SLA Completion 
  • Knowledge Base Management: Collaboration and Updates of internal processes articles on Knowledge Base (KB)
  • Communication Channels Update
  • Call Compilation for Manager QA Analysis  

#2 Reporting

  • Prepare Client Satisfaction reports on a monthly basis
  • Generate Weekly KPI and Spiff Reports 
  • Sales Pipeline QA Report (Monthly) 
  • Onboarding QA Findings (Monthly) 
  • SLA QA analysis report (Weekly)

#3 Administrative Tasks on Salesforce Platform

  • Project-related tasks | assignment, closing, rescheduling, transitioning & budget changes for new, existing & inactive accounts.
  • Collaborate with Salesforce requests overall task management
  • Maintain hygiene for all tasks and data within Salesforce

#4 Contribute to the development and implementation of new projects, activities, and processes that benefit the performance of the departments and the company

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • Written English Level: Advanced
  • Spoken English Level: Advanced
  • Education: Active student or recent graduate of Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Project Management or related fields. 
  • Experience:  No previous experience required for this role. 
  • Know-How & Certifications: 

    • G Suite Cloud (Gmail, Google Drive)
    • Excel / Google Sheets - Intermediate skills - will be tested
    • Training is provided for the use of our internal tools & software (Salesforce, KB, Trackers)