Job Openings Maintenance Officer

About the job Maintenance Officer

Position Summary

Under the supervision of the Facilities Coordinator, the Maintenance Officer is responsible for providing building and grounds maintenance of facilities under the requirements or expectations set by the Facilities Manager.

It is responsible for a variety of tasks, requiring highly skilled abilities in facilities maintenance, repair, and operations. The incumbent of this position assures all work and assigned tasks are in compliance with the established guidelines and instructions and ensures compliance with all applicable safety codes.


#1 Maintenance Plan activities execution

  • Perform and oversee installation of preventative maintenance tasks while keeping accurate records in the Maintenance Log.
  • Attend tickets requests for plumbing, electrical, pest control surveillance, site drainage, evacuation alarm, A/C regulation, parking assistance, furniture repair, and any other facility related task.
  • Guarantee proper functioning of the Surveillance System(cameras) and assist during incident monitoring when requested.
  • Available for on-call work and disponibility to adjust to any changing work schedule based on the company needs including response to after-hours/emergency.

#2 Assets & Storage Management

  • Perform inventory counts of assets (furniture & tools) including any other item stored.
  • Assist with visually scanning assets code labels to verify units gear accuracy, add new labels to equipment and reconciling any exceptions.
  • Receive, assigned and dispose of assets in accordance to guidelines, including proper reporting & documentation handling.
  • Perform maintenance regularly to detect possible damages or asset misuse that can lower it lifetime.

#3 Health & Safety

  • Active enrollment and participation in any Health & Safety activity.
  • Ensure that the company is in compliance and adheres to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) guidelines to reduce injuries (referring to physical conditions of the Facility).
  • Guarantee that all equipment needed to respond during an emergency is available and operational.
  • Enforce preventative measures and report any non-compliance or possible situation that can't end up in an accident.

#4 Administrative Support

  • Purchasing of tools, equipment, and supplies
  • Provides cost estimates for manpower, materials, and equipment
  • Perform or coordinate construction work
  • Interdepartmental assistance/collaboration during the execution of projects or events

#5 Contribute to the development and implementation of new projects, activities, and processes that benefit the performance of the departments and the company

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • Written English Level:Basic
  • Spoken English Level: Basic
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Experience: 3 years minimum in maintenance or construction environment
  • Know-How & Certifications: electricity, plumbing, hand tools handling, painting. Basic computer knowledge + blueprint reading or CAD is a plus