Job Openings Senior Consumer Insight Analyst (Team Management)

About the job Senior Consumer Insight Analyst (Team Management)

The ultimate goals are strong team management, leadership, adaptability to change, problem-solving skills, and coaching skills. The other skill for this position is data research which finds consumer insights from social media data to help clients achieve their objective(s) in terms of business such as supporting the decision making process, measuring the performance of their business to the better precise level.


Team Management

  • Overlook and manage team performance (1-on-1, career path planning, Evaluation, Workload, Team portfolio)
  • Perform team planning (Team member structure, recruitment, Team goal and objectives)
  • Build Team culture (Team engagement, Team culture)

Overlook and Perform Research Projects

  • Manage and execute research projects.
    • Learn and understand the objectives of each business or industry, assign and set up the tools or crawlers.
    • Gather and clean the unrelated data from the collected data, code, categorize, and label.
    • Incorporate data to create the report using PowerPoint or PowerBI.
    • Use social media data to create and deliver insightfully analyzed reports to support clients’ business such as supporting their decision making or measuring the business performance.
    • Present reports to clients and handle inquiries professionally.
  • Overlook quality and Wisesight research standard.
    • Maintain and improve the quality of reports among team members
    • Track and support project progress and issues


  • Age between 26 – 31 years old
  • Hold a bachelor degree or above in Business Management, Business Administration, Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Project Management or related field.
  • Must experience in team management of work or people at least 3-5 years of team management experience and supervision of at least 3 subordinates to demonstrate good leadership potential.
  • Enjoy working with data! as you would be spending 70% of your time dealing with it.
  • Have creative ideas and explore the social data to turn them into useful insights that completely match the client’s business objectives.
  • Comfortable using MS Excel with knowledge of fundamental functions and handling a large amount of data and applying to team management.
  • Good at using MS PowerPoint to create a professional presentation to clients.
  • Understand Research Methods Knowledge Base such as descriptive analysis.
  • Good analytical and logical thinking skills and experience in working with data analysis.


  • Familiar with social media measurement knows the matter values such as Engagement Rate, Interaction Rate
  • Has some understanding or experience in working with social media or marketing strategies
  • Experienced in data visualization tools is a plus (e.g., Power BI or Tableau)


  • Improve management skills in terms of projects and people
  • Develop quality analysis skills both in work quality and manpower controlling quality
  • Utilized the social media data to listen to online customers, measure brand’s success,
    or find a business opportunity
  • Sharpen your understanding and the art of revealing the client’s needs – Practice techniques and skills in analyzing social media data
  • Learn to work with different tools in analyzing data
  • Showcase your reports and present them to corporates and leading companies in the market