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About the job GNSS Research Engineer

What we're looking for

Zephr is looking for a GNSS researcher with expertise in positioning algorithms who wants to push the envelope of what is possible with mobile devices and wearables.  If you are excited about helping implement new computational techniques to rethink how the GNSS problem is solved this is a great job. You'll have the opportunity to fuse your expertise in GNSS with concepts from cooperative positioning using computational tools derived from computer vision and AI. You will work in a multi-disciplinary environment and collaborate with other specialists in the company to bring new positioning concepts to market.


  • Build novel research projects to help solve the challenge of bringing decimeter accuracy to mobile phones and wearables.
  • Generate analysis of large scale field data collections.
  • Write code to implement positioning algorithms from scratch.
  • Explore the intersection/augmentation of GNSS with other sensor modalities.
  • Work with engineering to transition research to production.


  • Graduate degree in geospatial/geomatics engineering, or related area
  • Experience developing GNSS positioning algorithms bonus for previous work with cooperative positioning.
  • Experience with RTK and PPP GNSS processing. Bonus points for previous work with hybrid or fused techniques with the same.
  • Experience with Kalman Filters.
  • Programming fluency in Python. Bonus points for C/C++.


  • 100% virtual work with flexible hours plus regular in person off sites
  • Unlimited paid time off.
  • Competitive salary and equity with top tier benefits.
  • Health insurance: Medical, Dental.

About Us

Zephr powers next-generation location-based solutions by significantly improving the accuracy and resiliency of GNSS on mobile devices by enabling nearby devices to work together. Zephrs SDK and supporting cloud APIs allow a network of mobile phones to compute and share corrections that dramatically improve location performance for AdTech, AR, mobility, logistics, insurance, gaming and mapping.

The team behind Zephr is composed of a seasoned group of startup veterans with multiple successful exits, and PhDs with a unique set of sophisticated computational skills and business acumen. Zephr is backed by a coalition of top-tier venture capital firms and research labs with deep expertise in PNT technologies.