Joining BIM&CO means getting involved in high-profile heists and exciting car chases captivating projects with great environmental interest through better planning of construction projects.
We are a young team, keen to aim higher, with a shared desire to surpass ourselves. No, it doesn't mean we are professional pole vaulters. 

We have the warm working atmosphere of a human-sized company where you will develop your skills and grow on a personal level as well. 

Check out our integration process :

  • On your first day, we'll give you a working style quiz. That's right, we want to know how YOU want US to interact with you. No more out-of-phase relationships!
  • For your first week, you're meeting with everyone. We're a tight-knit team and we bond strongly with each new link!
  • A full week's training on our processes and tools. No time wasted poking around for that damn feature. Tutorials are for nerds anyway!
  • 3 monthly one-to-one with your manager (30, 60, and 90 days). Time to check if you're settling in nicely and have been able to reach your own goals. It's also a special time for your manager to create space for you and speak about anything you'd want regarding the team. Be sure to mention that particular coworker that's making awkward jokes!

Also, from your very first day at BIM&CO and until life do us part

  • A dedicated buddy, that will be there to give you all the tips and tricks and to assist you so that you can focus on the fundamentals. Sorry, no, it's not a dog.
  • Weekly one-to-one with your manager. We want to make sure any barriers you may have, are taken down and that your successes are recognized. It's a time to help YOU stay on tracks for YOU to achieve all the goals YOU have. Did we specify it's all about you ? 🙇‍♂️
  • Annual review with your manager. That's the moment when we look back on your achievements and set your goals for the next 12 months. It's essential that your time at BIM&CO make you grow as an individual and we need you to tell us how we can give you everything you need to achieve that growth. Bag of fertilizer not included.
  • An annual Boost Week when we all come together under the same roof for 5 days and boost each other through numerous workshops on different topics. It's like a spiritual silent retreat. 🧘 But it's not spiritual. And it's not silent.

And on the fun side, you may ask ? :

  • Our Paris office is dog-friendly.🐕 So bring your labradoodle and get ready for some hardcore petting!
  • 🍹 We have drinks together on Thursdays and it's on the house!  Consume in moderation. 🙊
  • Games and blind-tests each trimester. Flex with your humor, skills, and knowledge, and impress your colleagues.

But what if you work remotely?

Since many people work remotely at BIM&CO, we continuously think of different ways to create bonds among the different teams.

  • The Pit Stop. A quarterly ritual where everyone willing, get together, in the form of a quick speed dating with five colleagues. It allows us to discover new personalities and deepen our bond.
  • The  2️ by 2️. Every 2 months, all remote team members come to work at the office for 2 days, to have some quality time altogether, face-to-face.
  • Any remote worker can come to optional events if they want to. Obviously.

Want to know more? Are you not entertained?
Send an e-mail to our Talent Acquisition team at and we'll happily ignore it get back to you ASAP !

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