Job Openings Graphic Designer

About the job Graphic Designer

Position Overview 

Graphic Design offerings include a wide range of functions including, page make-up, designing of marketing materials, apparel, photo editing, and manipulation. Graphic Design positions consist of working with customers in visually representing their needs via various graphic design disciplines.  

Duties and Responsibilities May Include

  • Complete Page layout and design 
  • Logo Design 
  • Layout and Design of Marketing Material 
  • Print and Digital Advertisement Design 
  • Apparel Design 
  • Photo Editing and Manipulation 
  • Photo Clipping 
  • Photo Silhouette 
  • Color Correction 
  • CAD Design 

Position Requirements/Qualifications 

  • Experience in the above-mentioned requests 
  • Experience with Adobe Suite of products  
  • Experience in working and communicating with customers  
  • Good English in written and verbal skills 

Common Tools & Software

Adobe Suite
Auto CAD
Microsoft Suite