Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with operations based in Cebu City, Philippines, Open Look has a passion for creating opportunities for its customers, employees, and communities.

In 2012, after identifying a need for reliable, scalable outsourced solutions, targeted towards the Publishing and Media space, Open Look was formed. After a long career working in traditional publishing settings, dating back to the early 1990s, the Open Look ownership team developed versatile, cost-effective solutions designed to help publishers achieve their long and short-term goals.

Open Look services span the complete publishing spectrum including Audience Development and Controlled Circulation Telemarketing Efforts, Lead Generation, Customer Service, Pre-Production including Complete Page Makeup, Photo Enhancing, Data Research, and List Building.

Having worked in Offshore and Outsourced settings since 2009, Open Look has been able to leverage its experience, developing solutions for industries beyond simply the publishing and media industry. Additional services include Technical Support, Copy Editing, Virtual Assistants within industries such as automotive, insurance, healthcare, and more.

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We #Believe in Creating Opportunities through a culture guided by our Core Values

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