Through our plug-and-play production analytics software, we help industrial manufacturers to be more efficient, reduce costs and eliminate paperwork, in the context of Industry 4.0. We are in full expansion, with customers in Switzerland, USA, Canada, Portugal, Hungary, and Brazil.

More than just technical skills, we are looking for people who are willing to learn and develop constantly.

Our core values:

We believe in full transparent relationships | We have an international mindset | We are a flat hierarchy organization.

We value open and respectful feedbacks | We foster autonomy and risk-taking | We seek continuous innovation.

PackIOT is committed to:

  • build great, user-centric software, respecting everyone and generating value for everyone in the company;
  • support companies to make data-driven decisions based on information they can trust;
  • have a deep technical understanding challenges of our customers, even when we accept that they are the real technical; specialists. We help them make the right questions and together we build better processes that improve efficiency;
  • help manufacturing industries to be more open to the world, sharing know-how and learning from others;
  • help industry workers to feel more part of the solution, to have more ownership and to see the value of their contribution;
  • respect and celebrate the differences, both of people, cultures and opinions;
  • help people to connect, inside their companies and with other companies;
  • foster the use of real-time data to improve communication and transparency in relations inside the companies;
  • protect customers' data with high standards of IT Security.
That’s our vision and what we believe in. Does it feel challenging? We really want great people onboard.   
Cristiano Wuerzius, PackIOT CEO.

Our Openings

1 Open Position