The skyline is getting smarter!

There has been a proliferation of smart home technologies across the North American market, yet all these solutions focus on the single-family home. SmartONE Solutions was established in 2016 with a vision of connecting smart homes together over a common network to create smart communities for a truly connected living experience. When smart homes are connected to the infrastructure of the building, residents can share common assets, such as community cameras, package systems, license plate readers, and other shared amenities. The innovative technology was the first of its kind in Canada, providing enhanced convenience, connectivity, and peace of mind. This movement disrupted the real estate industry, as developers began to see the value and impact of our solution and how together, we can change the way communities are built and operated.

The success of SmartONE has encouraged the creation and expansion of an ecosystem of partners to bring new technologies to multi-family developments. A key element of the SmartONE technology was to create a single app for all services in a community and this work has resulted in integrated car shares, smart package delivery, automated license plate reading, and virtual malls to name a few things. Every company that comes into the ecosystem makes it stronger and the collective innovation platform continues to grow and change how people live in communities.

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