SPLACE is a living, breathing network of talented professionals around the Philippines. Our story begins with the desire to connect local talent with one another and with professionals, fostering relationships that encourage mutual growth.

The Philippines is known to be the world’s outsourcing destination. Historically, our country is a melting pot of different cultures. In the modern-day, we’ve worked with what we know and we are equipped with the solutions to provide modern BPO services to the world.

Despite this, barriers to growth remain. Frequent power disruptions, an increase in communication channels, and budget constraints keep a notable portion of local professionals away from the opportunities they deserve. 

The nuance to the SPLACE work ethic is that we combine the latest in modern technology with the experience of professionals and specialists from around the Philippines. The SPLACE space commits to developing an environment with consistent connection, focused communication, and a dynamic, ever-growing network of talent.

Our Openings

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