Job Openings Fractional Chief

About the job Fractional Chief

B/Suite is a community of Black and Brown talent with expertise across several functional areas including digital media, talent management, human resources, finance, and many others. Beyond the ability to network, learn, and develop your skills, B/Suite facilitates matching between our Executives and Clients for fractional staffing opportunities.

Our mission is to connect the worlds most historically oppressed talent with flexible career opportunities to help us collectively reduce power and wealth disparities, build financial and professional independence, and increase diversity across the c-suite and senior leadership.


While our client base and projects will always vary, you can expect projects to last a minimum of three months for approximately 10-25 hours per week. We often work with executive leaders and business owners in the tech, nonprofit, media, and social impact sectors.

It is expected that all B/Suite Executives lean into two areas to ensure that were able to realize our mission:

  1. Calling out racism, power dynamics, systemic oppression, and privilege where necessary.
  2. Supporting other Executives in the suite as often as possible. We are a community first and foremost.


We are currently seeking fractional executives with expertise in executive leadership, organizational strategy, development/fundraising, talent management, and human resources. Additional requirements include:

  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in your area of expertise
  • Experience as a senior-leader (Managing Director, AVP, VP, Chief, etc.)
  • Significant experience in team leadership, people management, and coaching
  • Demonstrated ability to set org-wide vision and goals for long-term success



  • Assess needs, narrow scope of work, and set priorities with your clients early on and determine a plan of action for the length of engagement.
  • Regularly meet with your clients, document progress towards goals, understand internal shifts and updates, and provide support from your area of expertise.
  • Set clear expectations regarding availability and communication for the engagement, immediately communicating any updates or changes.
  • Thought partner with clients to plan projects, set goals, and solve business challenges.
  • Lead with our mission and values of expertise, transparency and liberation in mind.
  • Challenge racism, call out white supremacist culture, and shift power dynamics whenever safe and necessary.



Starting compensation for Chief-level executives is $90/hour. All B/Suite executives are 1099 contractors. All executives are eligible for referral bonuses and free coaching and development.



Historically, people of color, women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ individuals face insurmountable oppression within their professional lives. At B/Suite, we know that talent knows no bounds and is not dependent on any single story. Our organization exists to carve out opportunities for the most targeted and harmed of these groups: Black and Brown people. Statistically, within all marginalized groups, no one suffers more than Black and Brown people. By centering these identities in our work, we can dismantle systems of oppression that impact all marginalized groups.