Job Openings Marketing Associate

About the job Marketing Associate

Who we are:

Tushop is a dynamic organization comprising a team of highly motivated individuals driven by the desire to create substantial value for Kenyans and Africans. We are driven by the desire to lower the cost of living, together. We currently do this by leveraging our platform that builds direct relationships between consumers and suppliers, benefitting all parties.

Tushop finds itself in a pivotal stage of growth, fortified by the support of eminent investors who recognize the significance of our work. Every moment spent in our organization holds the promise of contributing to a world where access to affordable and convenient food is possible.

Tushop nurtures an environment where our employees are given the freedom to pursue personal growth and professional development. We strive to create a space where individuals can immerse themselves in their passions, acquire knowledge in their desired areas, actualize their innovative ideas, and evolve into the best versions of themselves all while receiving competitive compensation for achieving Tushop's purpose.

Your role:

Reports to: Marketing Manager

The Marketing Associate at Tushop plays a pivotal role in driving online sales and increasing brand awareness. They will be a crucial part of the Marketing team, helping the team plan and implement marketing strategies. With a good understanding and extensive knowledge of marketing disciplines, the Marketing Associate will help the company achieve its business goals by executing creative campaigns that drive brand awareness, customer acquisition, and user engagement.

The ideal candidate will be highly creative, with a strong understanding of digital marketing best practices and experience with e-commerce platforms, as well as the ability to analyze data and use it to make data-driven decisions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ideating and producing with the support of the graphic team, high-quality visual and written content including graphics, videos, and animations for various marketing channels such as social media, and online and offline advertisements.
  • Contributing creative ideas and executing marketing campaigns from concept to completion, tracking performance metrics, and optimizing strategies for maximum effectiveness.
  • Supporting the development and execution of the company's overall marketing strategy to drive e-commerce traffic and sales
  • Conducting market research to understand customer behavior and preferences and analyzing research data to identify and define audiences
  • Managing and curating content for our social media platforms, engaging with our audience, and fostering community growth through compelling storytelling and interactive campaigns.
  • Analyzing marketing platform data and sales data to inform creative marketing strategy
  • Collaborating with the marketing team on marketing campaigns and other promotional initiatives
  • Coordinating offline promotional activities, events, and interviews that are part of marketing campaigns
  • Managing freelancers and influencers that support marketing campaigns
  • Working cross-functionally with internal teams including product development, customer support, and sales to ensure cohesive brand messaging and alignment of marketing initiatives with overall business objectives.
  • Analyzing data to track and measure the success of marketing initiatives, and making data-driven recommendations for improvements
  • Managing and optimizing the company's online advertising platforms (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.)
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies, and continuously looking for new and innovative ways to reach and engage customers

The profile we're likely to hire:

  • A highly creative individual
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing or Business-related field
  • 3 years experience in a marketing-related role
  • Experience in the e-commerce, tech, startup, or agency space is a plus
  • Knowledge of marketing digital tools and techniques
  • Proven track record of success in driving data-driven marketing strategy and marketing campaigns
  • Highly organized individual with strong project management skills
  • Ability to prioritize key initiatives and opportunities for efficiencies and impact
  • Strong problem-solving skills with exemplary ability to prioritize key initiatives and opportunities for efficiencies and impact
  • High autonomy and a strong sense of ownership for their projects
  • Confident with excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • High level of organization and attention to detail
  • An individual who exemplifies integrity and honesty

Why Tushop?

If you've ever been curious to see the initial days of a company and be part of that story, then this is your chance. Since we are at an early stage, you will be able to see and feel the direct impact of your work. You will have ownership of your tasks and you will not be micromanaged. You will make things happen. Lastly, you will work with a fun, fast-moving, customer-centric, reliable, and supportive team.

Why not Tushop?

  • We experiment a lot. If you like dotting all your is and crossing all your ts before making a move, then you might not enjoy working with us.
  • We are low-ego individuals. If you need praise, need to always be right, or need someone else to fail to feel self-worth, this role is not for you.
  • We believe that fieldwork makes the dreamwork. We dont hide behind laptops every day; we instead thrive by engaging with customers, suppliers, partners, and teammates on the phone and in the streets. (We find it invigorating - and hope youd find it that way too!)

If this sounds like a place where you are looking to work, then come join us. If not, then please share this JD with someone who might be a great fit (and become our customer!)