NarraSoft is a US-based outsourcing company operating in the Philippines. Presently catering to businesses in 19 countries, NarraSoft has over 70 employees, serves more than 200 clients, and offers three key services — namely, software development, art creation, and business process outsourcing.

NarraSoft's services include: 

  • Web development,

  • Mobile app and game development,

  • 3D and 2D digital art creation,

  • Video editing and game animation, and 

  • Business processes, such as chat support and virtual assistance.

Software Development Services

We provide our clients with a virtual team that can work exclusively on their software development project. Our clients have the option to select full-time developers through our talent acquisition process, which allows them to have a cost-effective way of expanding their personnel without the complexities of hiring and maintaining in-house staff. 

We have very capable project managers who will consistently communicate and effectively collaborate with the client’s in-house team, making sure NarraSoft’s virtual team is properly integrated into the client’s work process and culture.

Mobile App Development Services

We create virtually any type of application software — from utility apps to gaming apps — for different handheld devices. With a team of highly skilled developers, designers, artists, and testers, our company is capable of creating mobile application projects tailor-made for our client’s vision. 

We make it our mission to stay updated on the latest technological trends by continuously increasing our capabilities in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality on mobile devices.

Digital Art and Animation Services

Our team of Digital Artists specializes in 2D illustration, 3D sculpting, and animation. Over the years, we have produced designs for game assets, toys and collectibles, props, environment assets, and 3D characters. Our list of clientele includes popular brands that have contracted us to produce top-quality assets, and we continue to deliver amazing work under the creative lead of our Art Directors.

Why Should You Work with Us?

Our company is always on the lookout for the finest talent. We want our team to be composed of the greatest digital artists, software developers, and support staff a company can find in the Philippines. But at NarraSoft, expectations are a two-way street: What you expect in a good company matters to us, too.

We value your time and growth just as much as we value your work. And we see to it that working with us helps you, as a NarraSoft employee and an individual, become better and more adept in your field.

Our Openings

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