We may sound sweet, but the truth is...This is just a cover and we’re on a not-so-secret mission.

Orchata was funded by YCombinator (YC S20) and our team is working everyday to give millions of local businesses a new opportunity to grow and get into the e-commerce train; a train that has been mostly occupied by large retailers and millionaires companies. Well, no more.

Orchata wasn’t a dream for too long, because our team is full of creators and achievers!
Nowadays, we empower local businesses from LATAM with technology, and they keep your house full of your favorite products and the same trust that has represented their brands during the years (and decades). Now this sounds sweet, right? 

But sweet isn’t good enough yet! And we need to keep growing our team with passionate doers.
We won’t be expecting you to have a NASA career, but we expect you to dream beyond Jupiter.
If you feel related with these couple of lines, it's a sign...

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