CØMPΛNIUM Hospitality Executive Search is a specialized recruitment firm operating in the exclusive niche market of luxury and ultraluxury hospitality. Working for a discerning clientele, CØMPΛNIUM Hospitality primarily serves high-end hotel groups and standalone lifestyle restaurant groups that embody the essence of luxury.

CØMPΛNIUM Hospitality’s focus is on sourcing and placing top-tier talent in key leadership positions within our renowned clients’ organizations.

The candidates followed by CØMPΛNIUM Hospitality are executives with a proven track record in the hospitality industry, at senior positions. They are often working at a Corporate level of prestigious hospitality groups; or holding positions such as General Managers or members of the Executive Committee (ExCom) in iconic properties. 

We have the ability to identify and attract leaders who not only have the necessary experience and skills but also align with the unique culture and ethos of their luxury clientele.

Operating across various global markets, Executive Search, CØMPΛNIUM Hospitality has a significant presence in Europe and the Middle East, we also work on opportunities in the United States, North Africa and Asia. This wide geographical reach enables us to access a diverse pool of top-tier talent and to understand the nuanced needs of different regions in the luxury hospitality sector. Our extensive network and deep understanding of these key markets position CØMPΛNIUM Hospitality as a leading player in the executive search domain for the high-end hospitality industry.

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Confidential Application for High-End Hospitality Professionals

At CØMPΛNIUM Hospitality, we specialize in the  elite niche of luxury and ultraluxury hotel groups, along with exclusive standalone lifestyle restaurant groups

In our commitment to maintaining the utmost confidentiality for our clients, we do not publicly list most of the executive opportunities we manage.

We invite applications exclusively from professionals currently engaged in our niche market. If you are an executive operating at a Corporate level, a General Manager, or hold an ExCom position within the high-end hospitality sector, we encourage you to submit your application. Your expertise and experience in this specialized domain make you a potential fit for the unique opportunities we handle.

Please note that due to the specific nature of our search assignments, we only consider applications from candidates actively working in the high-end hospitality segment. Your understanding of this selective process is appreciated.

We look forward to potentially collaborating with you and exploring opportunities that align with your career in luxury hospitality.