NocNoc is a full-service online marketplace that specializes in home and living products as well as home services. We use AI technology and industry-leading operation quality to create direct connections between manufacturers, service providers, and homeowners. This allows buyers to choose products, compare prices, access special deals, and try out samples before putting the right items in shopping carts at our one-stop service platform.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity be true to ourselves, honest, moral uprightness, create trust
  • Passion for Customers contribution and commitment, to be at our best for the customers
  • Accountability keep promise to customers, team, ourselves
  • Curiosity and Experimentation do experiments to LEARN, eager to find the answers, ready to change for better
  • Respect for Team believe in good intention of others, give first and open to receive back, no judgement

Employee Benefits

  • Hybrid Workplace
  • Unlimited annual leave and 180-day sick leave
  • Health Insurance
  • Team Engagement Funds
  • 2-times incentives annually

Our Openings

38 Open Positions