We build businesses while having fun.

Dating back to 2012, we started from humble beginnings, Ivan (our founder) started his own residential IT business in Canada. He successfully grew it and sold it and started another one in marketing. He grew that as well then sold it, and founded another one but in the US. Ivan started to seed invest in startups and small businesses with potential, then moved to the UK where he started another company in software development then moved to Hungary and started his personal consultancy along with building the CEE innovation ecosystem.

In March 2020, when COVID-19 started to be on the rise, everyone agreed that it's the best interest to join forces and Ivan founded Ivanka Group, a parent company that would consist of a variety of brands, businesses, knowledge, intellectual properties with shared management and team on a mission to help SMEs to grow and flourish all around the world with the help of digital solutions & innovation.

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